Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Preschool Graduates!

Both of my little preschoolers will return to another year of preschool in the fall, but we celebrated all of their hard work, learning, and end of the school year with a graduation program anyways!

It thrilled and relieved me that Max came home after each preschool class with new information learned! To be honest, I have been less than thorough about drilling Max's ABCs, sight words, and days of the week/month, so it was money well spent to ensure that Max learned his basics. Plus, he had a blast this year learning new songs, creating darling crafts, and making new friends!

Since Ben didn't qualify for preschool (based on his birthdate) until late in the school year, he only spent about eight weeks in class before school let out for the summer. Even though every single day of his entire eight weeks of preschool he cried big, sad tears when I dropped him off, I am so happy with the progress that Ben made in such a short amount of time! His vocab base seems to be expanding and he is even experiementing with pairing two or three words together to express a thought like, "Max! Fruit Loop. Mouth!" to tell me that Max had stolen his cereal, or, "Fruit Loop. Drop. Sorry!" to apologize for spilling his cereal all over the floor. I love it!

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Mindy said...

Oh my gosh! Ben is so adorable! Love that boy!!