Monday, December 31, 2012

TEN Years and Still Going Strong

It is tradition on our anniversary each year to listen to a special mix CD (yep, we've been married THAT long) that Aaron made on the night of our engagement. Those sappy love songs make us laugh to think about how long ago it was that we first listened to them together as young college kids, and also make us feel a little tender about the journey we've had together over these past ten years. Sappy and all, this one is for you, honey:

"Hey, hey, la, la we're gonna build our dreams together,
Hey, hey, la, la we've got time, we've got forever,
Hey, hey, la, la, la we've got a good thing, we've got each other,
Eternity won't seem that long 'cause time will fly when its you and I together."

Aaron and I celebrated our anniversary with a hot date (although our real celebration happens in three more weeks--post to come). We watched Les Miserable and then enjoyed a romantical dinner at The Roof overlooking the Salt Lake Temple.

I'm so lucky to get to spend eternity with my best friend. I love you, Aaron Grover! Happy 10 year Anniversary!

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