Monday, December 31, 2012

Cousins Galore

As is typical, the cousins couldn't be bothered to gather for a respectable photo, so here is a quick shot of a few of the cousins that the boys have been in heaven playing with:

Aside from a few expected squabbles over the sharing of various Christmas toys, these cousins have gotten along together so well! The boys can't seem to get enough of their cousins. Interestingly, most of the preschool/school age Grover cousins are girls, so Hank and Max get to develop their "make believe" and "role-play" skills when the Grover cousins visit. Once, I even overheard Max, playing upstairs with his girl cousins, say, "Did you like that cake (imaginary) I made, honey?" I had to laugh because watching the boys play "Mom and Dad" with their Grover cousins sure is different than watching them play the garbage truck and firetruck games that they usually play around our house.

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