Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Nana Z's work-cation

On Saturday I dropped my mom off at the airport after she had stayed with us for almost three weeks. I was so spoiled while she was here that I would have begged her to stay longer, but I knew we had thoroughly worn her out and she needed to recuperate from her work-cation at our house. As soon as my mom got into town, we scurried around gathering needed materials for the projects I had lined up for her. We didn't get very far before baby Joey arrived, but that didn't mean that I didn't hold my mom to her assignments:) Between getting the boys ready for school in the morning, cleaning my house from top to botton, and preparing meals, my mom also cranked out twelve throw pillows, two sets of curtains, and a table runner....oh, and filled my freezer with homemade strawberry jam. The best part is that while she was busy filling my shoes (and doing a pretty good job of it), I got to be lazy and spent entire afternoons just holding and gazing at my new baby.

I hope we didn't run Nana Z off for good--I still have more projects on my to-do list! haha:)

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