Sunday, April 1, 2012

39 weeks....and counting....

At a relief society function, one of the sisters said to me, "if I poked you, you would pop." So it would appear. I told her to please not poke me then.

Just to keep it real, I will share that this has been a difficult pregnancy for me (hence the avoidance of the topic on the blog)...physically its been a peice of cake, but emotionally/mentally, its been difficult for me to process. For starters, I guess my acute Type A planner personality doesn't manage "surprises" well, because I STILL look at myself in the mirror and can't comprehend the fact that I am not just pregnant, but very pregnant. Additionally, I question how on earth I will have the time/energy/attention and just plain me to go around when I already have a very active five-year old, a sweet but stubborn three-year old, and a bit of a high-maintenance almost-two-year old. I truly feel that Heavenly Father has is once again teaching me how very little my supposed plans matter in the larger scheme of things and, yet again, to trust in His will. Since I really have no choice but to trust in the Lord, that is my plan! I know, that as soon as I am able to let go of my plans for myself and my personal fears, that Heavenly Father will pour out his blessings and give me the strength I need. My own insecurities aside, I know this baby will bring sweet blessings to our family and we are excited to bring him into our home.

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