Sunday, April 1, 2012

Ben's Birthday Bash!

Since Ben's little brother is due to arrive on Ben's actual second birthday, we thought it was a good idea to celebrate Ben's special day a little early. Ben didn't mind; any day is a good day for a party!

Since Ben's birthday falls on the day before Easter, we decided to have an Easter-themed party. First, the kiddos decorated their Easter buckets.

Instead of a cake, the kids frosted and decorated Easter sugar cookies.

Check out that masterpeice!

After a quick egg relay race, the kids went outside for an egg hunt...75 eggs got snatched up in about two seconds!

The kids didn't waste any time inspecting the contents of their eggs....the kids hit a major sugar high, running around bananas, after basically eating all of the candy at once.

After the activities it was time for the best part of every party: the presents! The idea of wrapping paper was a little lost on Ben, but he had plenty of cousins who were more than willing to help him open his presents.

Ben loves his new musical paintbrush, cookie jar, linking elephants, see & say, and suspension swing.


As much as I really wanted to make Ben a Easter bunny birthday cake (hahaha), I had a feeling he would throw the cake on the floor, like he does with most food offered to him. Hard, semi-crunchy, sugar cookies turned out to be much more to Ben's liking. Oh, and since my funny boy doesn't care for singing, we nixed singing him "Happy Birthday" this year. We'll save that for next year.

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