Sunday, April 1, 2012

General Conference Weekend

This is what general conference weekend looked like at our house:

A weekend full of family time, pajamas, indulgent food, and listening to the messages of the prophet, apostles, and Church leaders. I wish I could say that the boys sat reverently and listened to every word, both sessions each day, but that would be a joke! For the most part, the boys were busy running around and playing with their cousins who were visiting us this weekend, taking breaks here and there to check-in and listen to a few minutes here and there. I do feel successful as a parent, however, because Hank and Max were both so super excited for general conference weekend, knowing what a special event it is in our family and how important it is to their mom and dad to listen to the prophet. With a few creative games and activities, the boys did listen to at least one full session with us. Baby steps, right?

I am glad that, if nothing else, my children recognize how special general conference is to their mom and dad. I hope some day, when their attention spans have grown, that they too will come to appreciate and enjoy listening to the words of the prophet. I felt so uplifted by the inspiring messages of our Church leaders this weekend; my heart is full.

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