Monday, March 1, 2010

March Madness

My "To-Do" List This Month:

- enjoy a sunny week visiting family and scouting the Mariners in Arizona
- 2 weeks of teaching joyschool with five crazy three-year-olds
- plan sharing times for primary
- attend 40 hours of mediation certification in Olympia
- babysit 8 month old nephew for a week

...oh ya, and, if I'm really feeling like an over-achiever (and luck goes my way), deliver our baby boy!


Simply Simmons said...

If anyone can do it, I KNOW you can!! Good luck with your very busy and productive month!!

Lauralee said...

oh the sunny week sounds AWESOME, okay minus the baseball viewing.. :)

joy school... I miss those days!

that is a lot of hours for your certification... how often do you have to do that?

have a good one.. that is a lot of march madness!

Robyn said...

sounds like i sure missed out! I've been avoiding talking to my mom because i didnt want to know what i missed out on! Im glad you guys had fun!

Robyn said...

whoops! I was supposed to comment on your AZ post!