Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

How can this boy not make you smile? Max is my ray of sunshine. He is an absolute joy to our family. Max is just hands down the happiest little boy I know. He wakes up happy, he's happy most of the day long, and he goes to bed happy. Lately, when Max sees me coming with my camera, he pulls his binky out, and gives me this great big open-mouthed smile.

I guess its because Max has such a happy-go-lucky personality, that I find it kind of comical that he also has a little temper. Up until now, I've just found it funny that when Max gets upset or frustrated he throws his own binky. Today he threw his first official fit and I got a small glimpse of what those terrible-twos have in store for me. I was missing a few things for our dinner, so Aaron made a quick run to the grocery store while I stayed home to work on the meal. Max couldn't make up his mind if he wanted to go or stay, so Aaron ended up taking Hank with him and leaving Max with me. Max was so upset that Aaron left, he screamed, threw his binky, shook a couple bar stools, slammed a door closed, threw some toys, and finally flung himself on the floor in a full-on fit. If it wasn't such a frightening look into the future, it would have just been funny.


We Three Madsens said...

This is too funny, I love the big open mouth, so silly! He is such a cute boy:)

Mindy said...

That is pretty dang cute- i love that he does that when you take his pictures. And about the tantrum...i feel for you!