Sunday, March 28, 2010

Family of Soon-to-Be FIVE!!!

Although today was more or less just an ordinary Sunday, we had such a great family day together. This morning, we worked together to get all of the baby gear washed and cleaned and ready for baby. Hank listened to my tummy and watched the baby kick and he seemed to grasp the idea that something really exciting is about to happen.

On our way to church this morning, Hank told us (totally unprompted) that he was being reverent because he was getting ready to go to church. Its simple moments like that that make all the trials and hardwork of parenthood worthwhile. During sacrament meeting, Hank got to join the primary in a special Easter song on the stand for the very first time. Initially Hank was a little shy to go up in front of the congregation, but once he got up there, I guess he felt a little more confident because he found his way towards his little playmate, Harper, and leaned over and planted a huge smooch on her! When the song finished, Hank proceeded to hold her hand and lead her back down the stage and then pointed her towards her family. I don't know what to think about his little romance! He's three for goodness sakes and is already putting the moves on cute babes!

After church, as per Sunday tradition, we all threw on our jammies and had a yummy Sunday dinner. After dinner, we watched our family home videos together: the boys' births, family vacations, holidays, the kids' firsts, and tender family moments. So many good memories, so much to look forward to.
39 weeks! Among the many slightly offensive/ignorant comments people make while you're pregnant, today at church I walked past a little girl and overheard her say to her mom, "look, mom, she ate a baby!" I'm not really sure what to make of that comment exactly, but I'm pretty sure if small children are pointing and staring at me I must look freakishly large and in charge.
With baby number three due any day, I feel such a multitude of emotions: excitement, anticipation, joy, a little anxiety and trepidation, but mostly just gratitude. I look at those two cute boys in my arms in the photo above and can't believe that I could be so lucky to be chosen to be their mother. How can I ask for more? It feels too good to believe that I get to have another sweet baby boy. I love him already and feel overwhelmed with the blessing of being his mother. I'm so grateful to my Heavenly Father for trusting me with these three special spirits. My heart is full. I can't wait to meet my new son!


carrie said...

My goodness Court, you do the pregnancy thing really well! Look at your cute 39(!) week self. Can't wait to see the sweet babe!

Jason said...

Who gets to drive the golf cart?

Mindy said...

Lookin good!

Megan and Keli'i said...

You seriously look amazing! Good luck with your labor...I'm thinking about you.

Lauralee said...

you look great courtney- really, and the crazy thing is in a week or so you'll look like you were never pregnant- hope it goes great!