Sunday, September 13, 2009

We DID the Puyallup

Next to Christmas, fair-day is probably my favorite day of the year. This year was no disappointment. We took the kids to the fair on opening day, covered every square inch of the fairgrounds, did everything there was to do, and had a blast!
In the morning, we gathered along the street to watch the cowboys drive the cattle to the fairgrounds. It got a little exciting when the cattle decided to take a detour at a nearby gas station.

Hank lo-o-oved the firetrucks. He even got to try on the fireman's heavy coat!

If he could, Hank would probably ride the little rides all day and all night.

Last year, we tried to put Hank on this ride and when he discovered that dad wasn't riding with him, he freaked out and they had to stop the ride and remove him. This year, Hank loved every second.

As soon as we got through the gates I made a bee-line for the scone vendor--YUM! What can I say about fair food? I just love the fried, sugar-y deliciousness!

Poor Max wasn't feeling the best but he perked right up when we gave him a little taste of cotton candy.

Aaron's favorite part of the fair is the exhibition hall where you can find all sorts of gadgets and inventions. This year I was able to successfully hold him off from buying more shoe polish.Hank had fun at the petting zoo, and of course the John Deere display was a big hit.

At the end of a world culture display a small band was playing drums and Hank walked right up, grabbed some maracas and started rocking out.

I took 124 pictures of our fair fun and in every single picture, but this one, Hank is grinning from ear to ear. Hank had so so much fun at the fair and only complained once...when it was time to leave. The whole way back home Hank said, "I'm not ready to go bye-bye yet."


Lauralee said...

that is crazy about those cows, I hope no one got hurt!
those scones are a treat!

Kathy said...

Looks like Hank had a big day full of fun. Good for you guys.

The Hands said...
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The Hands said...

The story about the cows made it all the way to Florida