Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Dear Aaron

Yesterday Aaron turned the big 3-2! Since Aaron does not believe in postponing birthday celebrations, we had to squeeze in our birthday party around our regular Monday workday. Aaron met me, Hank, Max, Bob, and Sue at Red Robin for lunch. I insisted that the Red Robin employees sing Aaron the Happy Birthday song, mostly for Hank's benefit, though.

After work, Aaron and I went golfing together. It was a beautiful day and I felt lucky just to be with my best friend.

I asked Aaron last week what he would kind of cake he would like on his birthday, and he said that he wanted brownies and icecream instead. The birthday boy makes the rules, so we had brownies and icecream.

Aaron is so special to me--I hope I was able to make him feel special on his special day, too. I love you, Aaron! Happy Birthday!


Mindy said...

happy belated birthday aaron!

Kathy said...

Glad Aaron had a great birthday. How could he miss with a beautiful wife and two cool little sons--he's a rich man indeed.

Levon said...

Happy birfday my neeka!