Sunday, September 13, 2009

Our Stay-cation

Aaron had a couple vacation days left over that he had to use or lose, so he decided to take this past week off and enjoy a stay-cation. It was awesome to have Aaron home all week long and just spend time together. Aaron had a long list of projects and activities that he wanted to get done, and I think he is a little disappointed that he wasn't able to do more. He had planned on fishing, golfing, and sleeping and we were just too busy to fit it it. We just ran out of time! We'll miss Aaron when he has to go back to work tomorrow, but we had a great week playing together. Aside from the items pictures in the posts below, here are a few of the things we did:

* shopped
* ate yummy hamburgers and home-made onion rings on Labor Day at the Grovers'
* painted with our toes, sang silly songs, and learned about bodies with our crazy preschoolers at our house this week
* coached soccer
* yardwork
* made a quick trip to Portland
* babysat our friends' kids
* YW/missionary splits
* watched silly movies
* stayed up at nigth with a sick baby

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Lauralee said...

always so much to do huh? sounds like you guys got a lot done!