Saturday, July 11, 2009


Today I realized one of my life-long dreams: to be a soccer mom. Technically, Hank is playing T-ball, but same thing. Hank's first T-ball practice was this afternoon and I loved it. It was classic. Very first thing, Hank marches over and joins the group of kids near home base. As the coach approaches, Hank says, "Hey, are you my coach?" The coach responds that, yes, he is the coach. Then Hank says, "Whats your name?" I love that Hank doesn't waste time warming up to people and just makes friends wherever he goes. For the rest of the practice, Hank was the coach's little shadow. I tried to get Hank to follow directions but he wanted to follow the coach, instead. The poor coach had to keep telling Hank to "get back in line" over and over. When Hank stepped up to the plate, he had his helmet on backwards and could barely peak out the bottom to see anything. Coack Kirby had to turn his helmet around and give him a batting lesson.

He's a natural. On his first time up to bat, Hank took a swing and knocked it out of the park. Well, not really, but he did make contact, and thats good enough.

I love that Hank just plopped down on the grass in this picture. I can guarantee Hank will be the kid picking weeds in the outfield. Bear in mind that Hank only made the cutoff to be on the team by a few weeks so the majority of the team is comprised of 4 year olds.

Here is Aaron helping Hank in the outfield. Since it was hot outside and the outfield wasn't seeing much action, Hank just chilled out there. We bought Hank a bat, a Tee, a glove, and a few balls so I think we have some practice to do in the backyard before we meet again next week. Aaron signed on to be the assistant coach so it should be a great season!


Kathy said...

Can't wait to come see a game and cheer Hank and the team on to victory!

Lauralee said...

oh cute! how fun to be realizing one of your dreams! :) I bet it will be a fun season!

mom and pops grover said...

Aaron sitting in the outfield...boy does that bring back a few T-Ball memories! Can't wait for the games to begin!

Kelli Radmall said...

How cute! Just the other day we were talking about t-ball stories from my brother's past. Cousin Sam got a t-ball set for his birthday and Felicity was all over that. We introduced her to golf today-I think she's going to be an athlete.Or picking flowers in the outfield. Who knows?

April said...

How cute! Loved the "Are you my coach?" and "What's your name?" -- way to go, Hank! :-)