Saturday, July 11, 2009

Salt Water State Park

Today was the epitome of a perfect Saturday: enjoying the sunshine in the beautiful outdoors and playing with my favorite people in the whole world. We headed out this morning to visit Saltwater State Park and explored the beach, the streams, and the little tide pools.

Once Aaron tipped over a rock and pointed out to Hank all the tiny crabs that scurry around underneath, Hank wanted Aaron (he didn't want to do it himself) to tip over every rock on the beach. He was fascinated with the crabs, bugs, and hermit crabs.

Watching Aaron hold Hank's hand through the streams, squat down on his knees to show something neat to Hank, or try to teach Hank to throw rocks into the ocean made me just fall in love with my sweet husband. What a great Daddy!

I'm worried that I'm raising a bunch of pansies because we hadn't taken two steps onto the sandy beach when Hank promptly sits down, removes his shoes, and begins brushing the sand off of his feet. Max is no better, either. I thought Max might enjoy dipping his feet into the cool water since it was so warm outside. Not so much. I would keep lowering Max's feet into the water and he would keep raising his legs higher and higher to keep them out of the water.

We had such a fun time together at the beach. We can't wait to bring the boys back again next year.


Kathy said...

I love the picture of Aaron and Hank holding hands. I would enlarge that and frame it.

April said...

Where is Salt Water State Park? We haven't been to that one, it looks great!