Sunday, July 19, 2009

late Forget-Me-Not Friday

Just a few things that have stuck out over the past week:

1. I walked into Max's room one morning to wake him up from his a.m. nap (I have to wake him up in order to coordinate his p.m. nap with Hank's naptime) to find him sleeping on his back, completely spread eagle with his hands stretched apart over his head and his legs laying in splits.

2. Yesterday Hank was asking me questions about why Aaron and I were going to go to the temple that night. I really wanted him to understand how much the temple means to me, but I was having a hard time putting it into terms that he could understand. I think I told him something about how we go to the temple so that we can learn about Jesus. In his sweet little three-year-old voice, Hank asks earnestly, "will Jesus be there?" A part of me just melted to hear his innocence and purity, another part of me felt an increase of responsibility to teach Hank correct principles because I know that he is at the age where he is a sponge, and, even though he is so young, he is beginning to develop his own testimony.

3. Sometimes I grumble about lugging Max around all day--he is a 25lb weight permanently attached to my left arm. This evening I was holding Max, as usual, while we were puttering around the backyard. Max loves to be held and he loves to be outside. Often Max expresses his happiness by shaking his entire little body. His arms flail and his legs kick and he is just joy personified. Nope. I don't mind carrying him one bit.

4. Although Hank has the attention span of a fruit fly, I'm always amazed at what he is able to pick up and learn. On our way home from church yesterday, we talked about his nursery class. I asked him if he had a lesson in nursery, and he said they talked about a book. Exploring further, I asked what book they talked about. He said, "some book about Mormon." Love that kid.


Lauralee said...

cute background!

love your list... I need to do a list like this!

adam said...

suck it up Courtney. Those arms could use some bulk

April said...

Great reflections, Courtney. It's nice to have those thoughts and memories written down.