Friday, July 3, 2009

Forget-Me-Not Friday

1. Hank loves his tractor/truck collection. He loves his tractors so much that he has them arranged just so on a shelf above his bed--Hank likes to "park" them backwards in thier own spots. After Hank woke up from his nap one day, he pulled out each tractor, one by one, and told me what kind of tractor it was, where he got it, kissed each one, and placed them each back in their spots.

2. One afternoon Hank and I were working through a stack of puzzles. As we would put each peice in place, we would talk about the object depicted. As we were putting a fruit themed puzzle together, I would ask Hank to name each fruit as he put the peice in place. Well, since Hank mainly eats pureed fruits and vegetables, he doesn't really associate a picture of food with the actual food itself. When I showed him the puzzle peice with a picture of a cherry on it, he says, "cherry Poptart!"

3. Max mastered the skill of waving! He waves "hello" and "goodbye" with a friendly flop on his chubby little wrist.

4. Hank learned to do a sommersault by himself and selected the most clever moment to share his new accomplishment. After an hour of Hank creeping out of his room at bedtime and me threatening to punish him if he came out of his room one more time, Hank throws open his door, plops his head on the floor, pushes his little body into a perfect sommersault and says, "Ta-ta-ta-dah!"

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Lauralee said...

love your lists!

that is so cute about kissing the tractors.. love that!