Saturday, June 13, 2009

Poor Aaron!

Summary of the past week: 2 hours at the doctor's office, 2 hours at the walk-in clinic, 12 hours in the ER, 3 nights in the hospital, two blood tests, a CT, IV antibiotics, and some heavy duty painkillers.....and one sick Aaron.

Here is Aaron enjoying his yummy Jello from his hospital room.

On Monday evening, Aaron started to feel a little under the weather and complained that his stomach was hurting. He went to work on Tuesday, but felt really ill. By Tuesday night, Aaron was in serious pain, complaining of acute abdominal pain. Wednesday morning, he went to the walk-in clinic and found that his white blood cell count was high, he was running a fever, and had some type of infection. The doctor thought Aaron had appendicitis and we went straight to the ER. After more testing, it was determined that he had diverticulitis, or a colon infection. Aaron's colon had perforated, leaking air into his abdomen, and causing infection. So, long story short, he spent the next three days hooked up to an IV draining antibiotics and sleeping in a drug-induced daze. He probably won't remember a thing! He was discharged from the hospital today but is still feeling really sick. It doesn't look like he'll be playing 18 holes this week. I always take for granted the simple blessing of having a functioning/healthy body--I feel so grateful that Aaron is recovering and will be better soon. Thanks for thinking about us this week, we appreciated all the prayers!

The boys got to visit the doctor for their check-ups this week, too. So grateful that they are healthy and well! Here are the stats:

Hank - 3 years
Height: 38 inches (65%)
Weight: 30.2 lbs (50%)

Max - 9 months
Height: 32 inches (off the charts)
Weight: 22.4 lbs (80%)


We Three Madsens said...

Im so glad Aaron is doing better and back home again. I hope he feels 100% again soon. Please dont hesitate to ask if there is anything you guys need :) Even if its just a break from the kids, we are more than willing to take them off your hands for a bit so you can have some rest!

Lauralee said...

oh man.. poor guy! hope he is feeling back to normal soon! no fun!

looks like your boys are growing big and strong! what a blessing!

greatbon said...

"Hint" next time you are in severe pain--go directly to the ER! There are certain things that need all the testing equipment and severe pain is one of them! We're so glad you are out of the hospital but please take care of yourself! We love you guys!