Sunday, June 7, 2009

EE - I - EE - I - O!

Hank enjoyed visiting Old McDebbie's Farm so much last year, that we decided to invite a few friends to join us and go again this year for a fun little birthday field trip.
As soon as we parked, Hank spotted the tractor. Technically, I don't think the tractor was intended to be used by the visiting public. But, since it was Hank's special day, I let him climb up and play on the tractor. I think we could have stopped right there and called it a day because Hank was content to spend an hour just playing on the tractor.

Hank loves his buddies. We were happy that Ethan, Harper, and Cameron (along with siblings Max, Elijiah, Emren, and Nora) could all come play with us.

Hank made friends with this particular goat and had fun feeding it pellets out of his hand.

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