Friday, June 19, 2009

Forget-Me-Not Friday

Over the past few months, I have really made an effort to consciously slow down and live so that I can "find joy in the journey." Its not always easy to live in the moment, and sometimes the joy can be hard to find. But, every so often, I do experience simple little moments that truly do fill my heart with pure joy. So, I decided each week that I would jot down a few of these moments--not major events or momentous occasions--just everyday little experiences, so that I can savor this sweet time in my life with my precious family.

* This afternoon I held a juice box up to Max's lips and, for the first time, he figured out how to use a straw. The look on his face when he discovered that the box was full of yummy apple juice was precious--like he had just been let in on a big secret.

* This morning the boys and I went out scavengering at garage sales. Out of all the piles and piles of toys, clothes, books, etc that we saw, Hank picked a small yellow school bus and asked me if he could buy it. I gave him a nickel and he bought the little bus. I love that a 3 year old can have so much fun with a little $.05 toy. He took his bus to sleep with him during his nap.

* Dealing with a few stressful situations in our family this week made me feel like I needed to say a special prayer. I asked Hank if he wanted to say a prayer with me and he sat in my lap and folded his arms right away. I started to say the prayer outloud and Hank piped up, adding, "thankful for this day," and "thankful for the gospel." I love to hear his sweet little prayers.

* Yesterday we picked up Hank's buddy and we all went to the park together. Hank held his friend's hand the entire way as we all walked to the park. Later, the little boy picked up a toy car that Max had dropped and proceeded to play with it. Hank immediately rushed over, snatched the car away from his friend, and gave it right back to Max. Clearly we have some work to do teaching Hank to understand the concept of sharing, but I thought it was cute that, in a way, Hank was looking out for his little brother.

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carrie said...

We all should do this everyday. Just really appreciate the simple things of life, like seeing the world through a child's eyes (love the straw story).