Sunday, June 7, 2009

Birthday Bash!

For Hank's birthday party, we invited a couple of his buddies to come bounce with us at Jumpin' Jack & Jill's.

Hank was running a mile a minute, bouncing in the jump house, hurling himself down the slide, manuevering through the obstacle course, and playing the arcade games. My goal for his birthday party was for Hank to just have fun and I feel like I succeeded--Hank had a blast!

Even Nana Grover had fun on the bouncy slide!

After the bouncy house, we came back home for refreshements: Krispy Kreme doughnuts!

Hank had a wonderful birthday. We were so glad that Hank's friends came and celebrated his special day with us. Thank you Ethan, Harper, Cameron, Rachel and Janson for playing with us!


carrie said...

Happy Birthday Hank! It looks like it was a blast.
I want to go to Jumpin' Jack and Jill's!

We Three Madsens said...

Thanks for inviting us, it was so much fun. We hope you had a great birthday Hank!