Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Old McDebbie

We decided to save the zoo for another year and chose to take Hank to a nearby petting zoo, Old McDebbie's Farm, where Hank could interact with the animals up close and personal. Hank loved petting the bunnies and kittens and couldn't stop feeding the goats, llamas, donkeys, and ponies pellets out of his hand. We even got to feed a camel! The goats were quite clever. We would give Hank a quarter to retrieve pellets from the vending machine and the goats would jump up like dogs and steal the pellets directly from the machine. Hank didn't seem afraid of the animals at all. He stuck his hand right out to feed a hungry pony with teeth that made me a little nervous. Hank had a blast. Aaron was not being cooperative with having his picture taken but I warned him that all pictures are fair game....I think Aaron will really appreciate the one of him mimicking the emu.

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austin & cherisse said...

wow it is so pretty in washington I love the green!