Thursday, June 5, 2008

How Does Your Garden Grow?

The garden is growing! We're having so much fun tending our little garden and watching the vegetables grow right before our eyes. Aaron is turning into such an attentive gardener. Very first thing when he gets home from work, he heads out back to check on the garden growth. Yesterday he staked the tomatoes and built a little support fence for the peas. We added a few strawberry starts and are thinking about squeezing in some squash. I harvested our mesclum for a little salad straight from the garden. Yum! Everything tastes better when its fresh and home-grown.


Mindy said...

Lookin' Good! Hey isn't in Hank's b-day today? Did you have a celebration? Happy Birthday Hank! Can't believe your already two!!

Lauralee said...

your garden is looking great!