Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Day 6: Oh Canada!

We were too busy exploring Vancouver on Wednesday to get any pictures taken. So much to see and so little time! Its crazy that such a humongous city exists just a few hours north of us. Although we were only a few hours from home, it really felt like we were in a foreign place. Once we arrived, we headed to Stanley Park, then to Gastown, then on to the largest mall in B.C., and finally to Granville Island. I'm sure we could have spent a full week just touring Vancouver, but I felt like we were successful at cramming in all the must-sees in a single day.
Top 5 Weird/Annoying Things about Canada:
1. I am already leary of public restrooms but Canada's failure to provide toilet seat covers made for some uncomfortable drives.
2. No turn lanes. Annoying. At any given moment, the car in front of you may decide to flip on their blinker and you get stuck waiting behind them trying to negotiate the oncoming traffic to make a turn.
3. They put gravy on their french fries, but, ironically, refer to them as 'New York' fries.
4. Its just irritating to covert miles to kilometers and liters to gallons. At first glance, we thought we were getting our gas for dirt cheap because the sign said $1.38. It turns out they measure their gas in liters and it wasn't such a good deal...equivalent of $6 a gallon!
5. Driving in the city of Vancouver, we couldn't figure out why the green traffic lights blinked and assumed that it must mean that the light would soon turn yellow. We learned from our hotel clerk the next morning, that a blinking green light means that the signal is controlled by a crossing pedestrian. I guess it wasn't a good idea to hit the gas everytime we approached the blinking light.


Lauralee said...

did you go to the aquarium at stanley park? that one is worth the time and money.. like your annoying list of canada..too funny!

The Sorensen's said...

Okay, the gravy on the fries thing is the best! That is all I ate when I went to Montreal. Yum-o! Your road trip sounded so fun. I wish I could muster up enough energy to put one together myself! Kudos to you!