Thursday, June 5, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday Hanky Boy!

Its hard to believe that Hank is 2 years old! I woke Hank up this morning by singing him Happy Birthday and he replied by making a blowing sound (practicing to blow out his candle). On Saturday we're going to celebrate Hank's birthday by visiting the petting zoo (please pray for decent weather) with both Nanas and Papas, but we still wanted to make his official birthday special as well. Hank enjoyed spending the day playing with his buddy Ethan, who stayed at our house today. We took Hank to a cupcake shop to pick out a fancy cupcake and then played at an indoor playground. Afterwards, we came home to eat our cupcakes and open presents. Hank actually licked the frosting on the cupcake this year (major improvement over last year) but was more interested in blowing out his candle. We let him blow out the candle over and over since he'd been practicing so hard for it all day. Then we let Hank tear into his presents. Aaron and I got him a workbench with millions of power tools and equipment. Hank was so serious about it. He opened up the gifts and immediately carried the screwdrivers off to work on the dining room table. The comedy of the night was the irony of watching Aaron struggle to assemble Hank's play workbench. I guess the presents were a hit because Hank insisted on going to bed with two screwdrivers and a wrench. I love that kid! Happy Birthday Hanky!


Lauralee said...

boys and their tools.. hope your aaron got his work bench together! that is funny..

the cupcake looks yummy!

Kelli Radmall said...

I can't believe Hank is 2! I love the newborn pictures too. Got me all teary-and I'm not even pregnant! Also, you are very brave to go on a roadtrip and to do your "big shop" by yourself.

eva said...

happy belated bday to hank.wih his happiness always..God bless you!!