Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Grover Army

After our roadtrip, we came home to a house completely void of any food whatsoever. We desperately needed to do our grocery shopping on Monday but with Aaron and I both working and having church commitments in the evening, we didn't have any time to shop. Finally yesterday I got the job done. BY MYSELF! This might not seem like a monumental accomplishment, but let me tell you, the way that we shop, it is an enormous feat. To really maximize the dollar, we shop at Walmart and we buy our groceries for the entire month all at once. I plan our menus a month in advance and this way I can take advantage of using leftovers or common ingredients. Anyways, grocery shopping is usually a two-man job that leaves both Aaron and I exhausted but yesterday I took on the task solo. Just try and imagine me carrying Hank in one hand (26lb kid who refuses to sit in the shopping cart for more than 2 minutes), my three-foot long shopping list in the other, all the while pushing two shopping carts (yes, 2!) brimming full of food. My strategy was to stock up at the bakery on cookies to keep Hank happy and then power through the grocery list with as much speed as possible. I just ignored all the stares from fellow shoppers. I mean, people have to eat, right? It literally took a full half-hour at the checkout line and people were giving me the stink-eye left and right. The lady behind me asked, "are you buying food for a whole army?" I said, "no, just me, why?"Rude. After the checkout was done, I had to haul the load to my car at the end of the parking lot in the rain. So now maybe you can appreciate why I took the picture and felt like I deserved a little pat on the back.


Lauralee said...

1/2 hour in check out.. that is almost reason enough not to go to walmart! :) well, glad you have that chore done for a while! I love big shopping trips.. just knowing you won't have to do it again for a long time is AWESOME!

eva said...

hahaha.this stuff can be eat for the whole one will starvings.Believe me.:)