Friday, June 19, 2015

Summer Kick-off!

We came out of the gate strong and kicked off the first day of summer with a day-o-fun! 

First, Hank and Max joined the neighborhood for an annual shaving cream fight. 

This wouldn't be my idea of a fun time, but Hank and Max seemed to think it was pretty fun to run around the field and smack each other with handfuls of shaving cream.

We visited a community event and let the boys have turns checking out the rescue vehicles. 

For dinner, we treated the boys (+1) to a pizza buffet. Hank had plain pasta and several slices of Oreo pizza. Max had two bowls of cottage cheese and a bowl of goldfish from the salad bar. To each his own! 

We're going to have to pace ourselves because I think we'll all give out from exhaustion if we keep going at this rate. Next up: sleep in!

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