Friday, June 26, 2015

Daddy's Day

We know just how to make Aaron feel pampered: we let him sleep in until we can hardly stand it anymore, and then we surprise him with his favorite breakfast, eggs benedict.

Since I'm trying to get on board with the camping idea, I decided to buy Aaron a big 10-person tent for Father's Day. I must have had a really good idea, because Aaron decided to buy the tent himself the week before Father's Day. So, we decided to invest in a camping stove instead. I couldn't tell whether or not Aaron liked his gift because when I asked him if he liked it, he said, "now all we need is a Dutch oven for Mother's Day and we'll be all set." 

After church, we joined Nana and Papa Grover for a steak and scones dinner and Aaron got to watch an obscene amount of golf with only very little nagging from me. 

It takes a special kind of dad to raise 5 sons. I have complete faith that Aaron is the perfect man for the job. Happy Father's Day Aaron! We love and adore you:)

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