Friday, June 5, 2015

I Love To See The Temple

Every, and I mean EVERY, time we drive by a temple the boys burst into singing the primary song, "I Love To See The Temple." So, I thought it would be special to take the boys to visit the Payson temple open house and show the boys what the inside of the temple looks like and discuss a few of the reasons why temples are so important. They weren't keen on getting into their church clothes on a Friday afternoon to go stand in long line, but they actually seemed really interested to see the baptismal font and the sealing rooms. 

I hope the boys will remember this day--the reverence we felt in the presence of the house of God--and make it a goal to return again when they are 12.

Of course, even good experiences have their "opposition in all things." In this case, I can't even recall what was bothering Joey, but he picked the pre-tour video as a good time to throw a fit and sit on the floor and pout.

The tour involved a fair amount of walking, which is not Ben's favorite activity, so we listened to Ben on repeat the entire time saying, "I'm ready to go home." By the time we climbed the third staircase Ben was exhausted and Aaron and I took turns carrying him the rest of the way. Things got extra tricky when Joey and Rocky both decided that they'd rather be carried than walk, too. 

We may or may not have bribed the boys' for good behavior with doughnuts.

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