Friday, June 19, 2015

Birthday Boy!

Hank is 9! Nine is a wonderful age. Hank is old enough to cross the street by himself, help his little brother put on a shoe, read independently, express a clever sense of humor, and provide enjoyable companionship but yet still young enough that he will hold my hand and even let me kiss him in public! Hank is very bright, is a fast learner, and was pretty proud to have been given the "class clown" award at school for his witty sense of humor. Hank has great self-esteem without being arrogant; he doesn't need to impress others and is happy with who he is. While he just recently started to key into brand name clothes and loves anything Nike, he still has to be reminded to wash his face and wear matching socks. Hank is good at lots of things, but hasn't narrowed down yet on the thing he's most passionate about--and maybe it's ok if he is just well balanced and dabbles in many interests. So far, he enjoys soccer, baseball, basketball, track, tennis, and golf. Hank is a natural leader, but he also gets along well with others and is well liked. It's crazy to think that in only nine more years, my little boy will be a full grown adult. I'm loving this season with Hank and I hope he always feels as loved, as special, and as good about himself as he does now.

Neat Things About Hank:

* Hank is an early bird and is usually dressed and ready before anyone else wakes up.
* Hank is becoming quite the sports aficionado and has amassed all kinds of random facts about his favorite team, the Mariners.
* Hank isn't very adventurous when it comes to food and eats the same few things everyday: cereal (krave is the favorite right now), Nutella sandwich, gogurt, apples, and plain pasta.
* Besides sports, Hank likes to play Legos, trucks, and board games.
* Hank is a proud lefty, and has the poor penmanship to prove it.
* Hank and I love to take evening walks together...we have some of our best chats just walking around the neighborhood he and I.
* Hank says he wants to work at Allstate like his dad when he grows up.

Hank deviated from tradition and chose to have a friend party this year. He invited several of his buddies to celebrate with pizza and games at a family fun center. 

After the party, Aaron and I took Hank to see a movie in the theatre and then it was a ravioli dinner (birthday boy's choice) with Nana and Papa. Hank capped off his birthday with a championship winning baseball game.

I love you, Hanky-boy! Happy Birthday.

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