Monday, June 29, 2015

Grover Family Vacation: Take Off!

Going in to our family vacation, I knew that traveling with young kids was going to be a lot of work, but boy was I wrong! Traveling with kids was a TON of work! Cleaning, packing, feeding, riding, waiting, peeing, walking, carrying, entertaining, fussying, not-napping, stressing, shushing, flying, and finally, landing. We made it! Barely.

This little boy was stressed out! I don't think he fully understood what was taking place, so when we parked our car in long term parking, he got nervous. We had to reassure him many, many times that we would pick up our car when we got back home, we would buy almond milk as soon as we got to California, and we'd unpack his blankie at the hotel. Ben enjoys his schedule and routine, so traveling and embracing some unknowns really pushed his flexibility. As soon as we got to our hotel room, the kids all checked out the room and features; Ben immediately found the refrigerator, threw the door open, and exclaimed, "ok, this will work!" As soon as he realized that we'd be able to refrigerate his beloved almond milk, he noticeably decompressed and relaxed. 

Joey squealed--loud, high pitched, shrill--every time he saw an airplane at the airport....which was often, obviously. 

Since Rocky chose to spend the majority of the flight on Aaron's lap instead of my own, I'm able to document the hour and a half plane ride with humor, but I doubt Aaron would find anything amusing about it. Just imagine all 6'7" of Aaron crammed into a middle seat of a compact airplane, and then picture an extremely active and wiggly toddler crawling all over, under, and around him. I have no idea how Aaron did it--and kept his sanity partially in tact--but he deserved big 'high 5s' when that flight was over!

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