Sunday, March 9, 2014


This week at preschool Max got to be the star student, which entailed a show and tell, treats, a spotlight, and an assignment to create an "All About Me" poster. Max and I worked together to make what has become my signature poster:

I love Max's blurbs: "I want to be an Allstate insurance worker when I grow up." "My wish is to have a bb gun." "I have 4 brothers." "My favorite colors are blue and white." "My favorite thing to do is play catch with my Dad." and "I like to eat steak!"

Max and I do flashcards or workbooks together most mornings before school, but I think of his "homework" as more of an activity to keep him occupied than as active learning, so I was very surprised when Max brought home a few reader books...and he READ them! Seriously. He reads! What a smart little boy! Perhaps only second to watching a child take off riding a bike, watching a child actually grasp reading for the first time is a magical experience.

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