Sunday, March 9, 2014

Dirty Mug

The other day I picked Hank up from school to find him chewing on a straw of some sort and, unbeknownst to him, covered in some kind of black ink all over his face. When I told him to look at his face in the mirror, he glanced at his reflection--black stained mouth and all--shrugged, and said, "what?" Can you imagine?! I would be completely mortified if I had just walked around all day with black marks on my face. I can't decide what to make of this: is it a good thing that Hank is so child-like, unaware, and has the self-esteem to be totally unphased by things like having a dirty face, forgetting to brush his teeth, or wearing a mismatched outfit? or is it a bad thing that he lacks any personal grooming standards? While I try my best maintain a certain level of hygiene in our home, I guess I feel like the day will come when I will find him obsessing in front of the mirror, styling his hair just so, and begging me for the latest brand name fashions, so, for now, I think I'm ok with this boy who is cute, black-stained mouth and all, who hasn't the least bit of concern for his own appearance.

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