Sunday, March 30, 2014


Whenever I send Aaron to Walmart with a grocery list of just the essentials, he manages to slip in a few goodies that were NOT on the shopping list. This time, Aaron found an end of the season coat on clearance that was too cheap to pass up. I guess poor Max has become accustomed to getting Hank's hand-me-downs because when I showed Max this new coat, he asked, "whose was this?" and couldn't believe it when I told him that we bought a NEW coat just for him! No previous owner or anything. Max has worn that coat in the past few weeks with such pride....worth every cent of that $7 Walmart clearance coat!

Aside from his take-home outfit that he wore home from the hospital, this little sleeper is the first new outfit Rocky has ever worn. It seems almost wasteful to buy clothes when they will only get used once! The only reason we broke down and bought this new jammie is because this little rascal soiled his pants so badly while we were in the middle of grocery shopping that we had to strip him down right then and there and bought the first thing we could find off the rack. Rocky doesn't seem to care that he is the final recipient of hand-me-downs four times over.

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