Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Epic Family Reunion

I think that anytime you bring a large group of people together, for an extended period of time, in close living quarters, there is potential for disaster. When I invited my entire family--my complex, diverse, oh so difficult, but wonderful family--to join us at our house over the 4th of July for a first-ever family reunion, I knew there was the possibility that things could go badly. Very badly. So, with my expectations set realistically, I felt like our four day Zollinger family extravaganza was quite successful! Between parade-spectating, barbequing, and firework-watching on the holiday, swimming, lots of trampoline jumping and go-fish playing, family video sharing, eating/picnicing, hiking, BYU-visiting, board game playing, family photo-taking, church-going, and minute-to-win-it competing, there wasn't any time for much drama and disaster! I'm so glad we were all able to lay differences aside to bring our families together to create positive cousin memories.

Reunion Highlights:

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kathy said...

thank you Aaron and Courtney for your hospitality. We had a great time and appreciate all the planning and effort that you did to make a memorable reunion for us all.