Friday, July 26, 2013

Feeling Crappy

Fair warning: the photo you are about to see is graphic and disturbing, proceed at your own risk.

I debated about whether or not to include this picture, but I didn't feel like our family journal would provide an accurate depiction of our summer if I didn't include anything about the little bout of health issues that have been plaguing Ben since mid-June. Out of the blue, without so much as a common cold for advance notice, Ben came down with pneumonia. Long story short, I've dragged this poor boy back and forth to the pediatrician, urgent care, and even an eventful trip to the ER to try and get his pneumonia/infection/breathing difficulty under control. It's been a rough couple weeks of doctor's visits, long nights, breathing treatments, shots, and numerous antibiotics (and subsequent GI issues as evidenced below) for this little dude. I'm so glad he is finally feeling better and crossing my fingers that he's kicked this infection for good.

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