Monday, July 15, 2013

Man Camp

Last Friday Aaron took Hank and Max to Big Cottonwood Canyon for "Man Camp," aka our ward's annual Father/Son campout. Sometimes it's hard not to grumble just a tiny bit about Aaron's endless weeknight obligations (evening policy reviews for work, weekly priesthood visits, hometeaching, and mutual for church, and the occasional softball game), but I 100% support, shoot, I insist upon, Aaron participating in this engagement. I really feel strongly that it is important for the boys to have quality time with their Dad, commune with nature, and associate with the priesthood holders in our ward. And for that, I am willing to make the sacrifice to stay at home all by my lonesome (kind of, if you don't count Ben and Joey), watching boring chick flicks and eating way too much chocolate while snuggled in my warm, cozy bed. Oh the sacrifices I make!

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