Friday, July 26, 2013

Sweet's Candy Factory Tour

The things we do for our kids, I tell you. When you consider the work involved in an ordinary trip to the grocery store, for example (diapers checked, car seats strapped, troops loaded, toddler lugged, baby carried, boys kept on task...oh, and any leftover part of your brain focused on price-checking, list-completing, and nutrition-calculating), you can appreciate the exhausting amount of work put into a fun, free, educational tour of the Sweet's Candy Factory. Due to the safety regulations imposed by the factory, Mindy and I both had to bjorn one baby (that would be in addition to the one I've already got protruding from my belly) and push another in strollers as we walked about the factory and learned about each stage of the candy-making process. For added fun, we all got to wear hair nets (except that Joey didn't find this to be fun at all)! I think the kids had a really good time--they were amazed watching the 90lb bricks of taffy get stretched out and cut into tiny bite-sized pieces--so I guess in the end it was worth the workout. On to the next adventure!

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