Tuesday, January 29, 2013

#3: FOOD, Food, food...and more food!

With twenty-four hour buffets, prepaid meals at the on-board dining rooms, bottomless soft drinks and mocktails, and all-you-can-eat desserts, it goes without saying that Aaron and I pigged out! We ate an obscene amount of food--yes, it was yummy, but mostly because it was just available and we could! In the morning, we'd get ready and eat breakfast at the buffet (heaping plates of eggs, bacon, sausage, potatoes, fruit, pastries) with a few glasses of orange juice and hot chocolate. Later, we'd relax at the pool with the virgin pina coladas and strawberry daquiries coming as fast as we could drink them. Then it was pizza, burgers and fries, and milkshakes for lunch. All that sunbathing made us work up quite an appetite, so we'd usually stop at the cafe mid-afternoon for a round of desserts (chocolate mousse, creme broule, chocolate cake, cheesecake). After we cleaned ourselves up and changed into our evening clothes, we'd have a four-course dinner in the dining room, beginning with a cheese plate, appetizer, soup and salad, and entre--don't forget the dessert (maybe that was 6 courses?)! Believe it or not, we'd usually grab one more round of hot chocolate and cookies to munch on during the evening's entertainment. I can say with confidence that I got my moneys' worth on our cruise just on my consumption of food alone.

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