Tuesday, January 29, 2013

#2: Adventure

We lead a pretty predictable, routine life here in Utah where my idea of an adventure is rootbeer floats late on a Saturday night.....so, it was kind of exciting to spice things up a little with a few adventurous situations.

Adventure #1: Eating Local Food at a Dicey Hole-in-the-wall Restaurant

Ok, so perhaps I've used the term "adventurous" a little loosely, but I happened to think eating a chille relleno in the middle of Mexico is pretty risky. I drew the line as drinking the water and ordered a bottled Pepsi. As it turned out, the food was pretty tasty...and I haven't detected any gasterointestinal issues yet!

 Adventure #2: Renting a Jeep in Mexico

Aaron handled the wheeling and dealing of negotiating the rental car contract without much conflict, but when it came to returning the rental car after our day of cruising Cozumel in a self-guided Jeep tour, things took a downhill turn. As per the contract, we stopped to refill the Jeep to half-full before turning it back in. As the representative checked the Jeep back in, he noted that the tank was only 7/16 full and proceeded to charge as an $18 refueling fee. Aaron disagreed with his assessment of the gas tank being only 7/16 full, and refused to pay an additional $18 to pay for 1/16 of fuel when we had just filled the tank to 1/2, and proceeded to argue with the representative over the charge. Things got heated when several representatives began to congregate and speak rapid spanish, to which Aaron responded by yelling and telling them "es stupido!" All ended peacefully....after Aaron conceded and filled the tank with 1/16 of gas.

 Adventure #3: Check Point in Belize

I think by any definition, any situation involving a native dressed in military uniform and armed with a semi-automatic weapon is fairly classified as "adventurous." Granted, I took this photo from the comfort of my plush tour bus, but, you know. Belize City was not a place I'd like to get stranded with very aggressive street vendors, a seemingly unregulated tourism industry, and these armed checkpoints at intervals along the highway.

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