Thursday, November 3, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Hank and Max decided to be firemen for Halloween this year (again!) and Ben of course was made a fireman by default (and likely will be for the next five years since I now own fireman costumes in every size). The boys have been playing dress-up (or whatever manly version it is that boys do when they were costumes) all month long. By the time Halloween finally rolled around, the costumes were looking a little bedraggled with stains from two church trunk-or-treat parties, one preschool party, and Hank's kindergarten party. At least I got my moneys' worth on our costumes this year.

The boys could barely stand to wait until it got dark outside to head out trick-or-treating....I'm not going to lie, we were definately the first trick-or-treaters on our block. Ok, I confess, I was excited, too!
Ben barely made it around the block before he was ready to go back inside, but Hank and Max couldn't get enough. Greedy! By the time the night was over, our noses were cold, our feet were sore, and our pumpkin baskets were HEAVY!

A few funnies from Max:
- Even with the repetition every single time we rang a doorbell, I couldn't get Max to say, "trick or treat." Instead, he'd tip his hat and say, "howdy!" To be honest, his greeting probably earned him more candy than the traditional phrase, anyways.
- One friendly neighbor told Max that he wished he could be a fireman when he grew up, to which Max wisely responded that he should eat his begtables (vegtables).
- My brave fireman retreated from every doorstep where he heard a dog inside the house...imagine how afraid he was of some of the neighbors' gory decorations.
Not bad, right? This much candy will probably, at least a couple weeks:)

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Levon said...

"Howdy!" I LOL'ed, awesome!