Friday, November 4, 2011

18 Weeks!

Shame on me. This poor little baby isn't even born yet and its already so very neglected. 99% of the time, I completely forget I'm even pregnant and then I'll glance at myself in the mirror, or someone will comment on my baby bump, and that flood of panic rushes back all at once, "Oh my gosh! I AM pregnant!" Baby doesn't have a name (haven't even begun that conversation), we haven't bought so much as a diaper (we have plenty of diapers, but none in the newby size), and here I am, nearly half-way through what is more than likely my very last pregnancy. I feel so guilty for not slowing down, processing this special time, and savoring this sweet experience--but my plate already feels so FULL! Keeping up with three boys and a crazy house, taking our family on a giant adventure and beginning the moving process, etc. Thank you sweet baby for staying put and not giving me any trouble. I'm really not sure how this whole four-kids thing is going to work out...but I'm just banking on figuring it out as I go. Hang in there baby, Mama will figure it out.

Since it seems like I live in my pajamas and never get around to doing anything with my hair, I haven't been in the mood to document my baby bump for our family history. So today I finally got dressed and did my hair and everything (and it wasn't even a special occasion!) and didn't want to miss this rare window of opportunity, so I had Hank take the picture for me. When you have a five-year old take your picture, you get what you get.


carrie said...

You look adorable, as always! Congrats on the upcoming little one! Where are you moving? I guess that I missed that post.

Britney and Andy said...

You look so cute. I can't wait to find out what you will be having. I am glad you are having a good pregnancy.