Thursday, November 3, 2011

Bragging About Hank

At any given time, if you look at the camera roll on my phone, you may find 20-30 random pictures of Aaron's feet, the remote control, or the underside of the kitchen table. My little budding photographers love clicking away at the camera...but sometimes the subject can be interesting. So, it made me smile when I found this cute little self-snap shot of my Hankie.

The other night Aaron and I got to visit with Hank's kindergarten teacher for parent/teacher conferences. Although his teacher did report that Hank is all boy, and likes to wrestle with his friends, and push his way in line, she confirmed what I already knew to be true: Hank is a smarty-pants! I don't know if all of our future parent/teacher conferences will be this enjoyable, but it was a treat to listen to someone else tell me how awesome my kid is. Tell me something I don't know! I love this little boy and I'm so proud of the awesome little kid that he is turning into. Smart. Intuitive. Sweet. Helpful. I love you, Hank!

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