Tuesday, October 25, 2011


When I have to physically break up the boys' wrestling, yell at them for burping at the dinner table, and hose them off after covering themselves from head to toe with sand from the sandbox, I am convinced I live with the most unrefined, rough-and-tough group of boys. But times like last night, when they refuse to help scrape out the pumpkins because they are "too icky," I wonder if my rough-and-tough boys are just a bunch of softies. So of course, the boys watched from the sidelines as Aaron scraped out and carved the pumpkins.

Don't be deceived, I literally had to bribe the boys with an M&M cookie to get them to just put their hand inside the pumpkin.

Check out Max's incredulous expression when Aaron pretended to eat a spoonful of the pumpkin guts.

Of all the pumpkins, my favorite is the cute one in the middle.

Pumpkin Masterpeices!

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Levon said...

Amazing work Grovers!