Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Land That I Love

In keeping with our 4th of July tradition, we took the boys for beautiful morning hike to explore and enjoy this land that we love.

For some reason Hank has become paranoid about stinging nettle and spent the entire hike pointing to anything green and growing and asking if it was stinging nettle. Is it mean that we found it very useful in keeping Hank from running off ahead by telling him that the growth along the trailside was actually stinging nettle?

Check out those muscles!

We had a lot of fun enjoying nature's playground--pointing out mysterious animal tracks along the trail, hunting for walking sticks (yelling at the boys to stop hitting each other with said walking sticks), poking slugs and keeping an eye out for spider webs, investigating every mound and hole in the dirt, and the boys genuinely concerned that we had gotten lost when our car was within clear sight.

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