Monday, July 25, 2011

#25 Visit Nana and Papa Z

I'm so mad at myself for doing such a poor job documenting our trip to my parents' house. We packed so many fun activities into our trip, I just never had the chance to snap any pictures. So, I guess these are better than nothing:

I could not believe how well the kids handled the 5 hour drive to Oregon. We packed a lunch to eat in the car with a few snacks and treats along the way, the boys watched a few movies, and even took a little nap. I had been dreading the drive, expecting the kids to whine and complain the entire way, but they were great and it actually felt like a treat to have some adult conversation with Aaron while the boys enjoyed the drive.

A list of things I did NOT get on camera:
- I got to read a whole book--in peace! without interruptions!
- We took a picnic outdoors
- We went swimming--Hank even allowed me to let go of him and he figured out how to doggie paddle
- We went on a date with Adam and Brittany while Nana and Papa played with the boys
- Haircuts across the board!
- We played at a couple parks
- We fed the ducks
- We hung out at the ward summer party
- During some girl time with my mom and Brittany I remembered why I was never very good at ceramics:)
- We watched a movie and let the boys stay up way past bed time every night
- The boys golfed
- We laughed until it hurt playing Balderdash
- We ate. I never get tired on Mom's cooking.
- We got to attend church together and be there when my Dad was set apart as a bishop
Tell me he doesn't look like a little missionary with that spiffy new haircut?
We checked out the fish ladder and watched all of the salmon swimming upstream.

Aaron took the boys to this fun park while I had a little girl time with my Mom and Brittany.

We were sad when it was time to go home. We had bunched of fun and wished we could stay and play longer. It didn't help that the ride home was a bit more arduous with heavy traffic and squirmy boys.

Thanks for the good time, Nana and Papa Z! We love you bunches! xoxo, the Grovers

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