Monday, July 25, 2011

#26 Wildlife Safari

While we were at Nana and Papa Z's house, we took a little mini-excursion to the Wildlife Safari. We piled into the van and drove around the safari grounds, spotting various animals in their natural habitats, very up close and personal.

It was fun to play "I-spy" and try and find each of the animals as we travelled through their environments. I loved the kids' commentary. As we passed through the bear exhibit, Max said, "those bears have bum-bums!" Very true.

Max was sitting on my lap in the passenger seat when this ostrich came up to the car and tried to peck our window. Max said, "I don't like that duck!"

After touring the safari, we went into the village and visited the petting zoo, rode a little mini train, and brought a picnic lunch.

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Poe said...

I think we did this same animal park! It was so so cool. When were you there? We went on the 22nd of July.