Saturday, July 2, 2011

#21 Saltwater State Park

Salt Water State Park is like a hands-on marine biology class with crabs lurking under rocks, clams, shells, and snails hiding in the tidepools, and geoducks squirting little geyers in the sand. I love it! Keeping it real, though, the boys were....well....wimps. They didn't like the sand in their shoes, they were nerveous about the crabs, and didn't care for all of the seaweed and barnicles. They thought the beach was great fun, as long as Dad was the one doing all of the crab hunting, we made sure to wash off their shoes, and they were carried over any puddles. really? Really?!!

Don't worry, no crabs were harmed in the photographing of this event....just tortured slightly before they were released.

The boys were much more comfortable with sand-castle building back on the beach and had a good time digging in the sand with Nana Grover.

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Britney and Andy said...

Looks like fun. We are excited to come and visit you guys. You look so pretty Courtney. I like your hair long.