Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ben's BFF

A lot of kids develop an attachment to a comfort object...some kids have binkies, some kids have blankies, some kids have teddy bears....and Ben has his shoe. Yep, a shoe. He plays with it, he chews on it (don't worry, I ran it through the washing machine), he holds onto the velcro straps with a death grip, and he sleeps with it. Why is it that of all of the shiny, flashy, musical, bright toys that we own, he chooses a shoe??


Melanie said...

One of my kids became very attached to a small frying pan that went with the play kitchen. He carried that thing EVERYWHERE! When he grew out of that, he moved on to a gold McDonalds hot wheel car from a box of Cheerios. He loved that car so much, it wasn't long before all the paint had rubbed off in his sweaty little hands. Now, I just can't seem to separate him from his iPod. Enjoy this time of life when all it takes is a shoe to make Ben happy!

Kari said...

HA!!!! How funny! Joel's summer sandals are our go-to toy while on long car rides, because he LOVES the velcro!