Sunday, December 12, 2010

Tree Trimming

Maybe not a good idea to have the boys "Say, 'ho-ho-ho'" when I'm trying to take a picture.
 We're learning. Every year it seems like we get all excited to decorate our Christmas tree, we dig up the lights and ornaments, we start trimming the tree....and then we remember that decorating the Christmas tree is actually a lot of work--and a few hours later we're tired and grumpy. This year, Aaron and I prepped the tree ahead of time (adjusting the base, centering it and getting it level just right, stringing the lights and garland) while the boys watched a movie. Aaron and I got to take our sweet time (we only got into one fight after Aaron hit me in the head while trying to throw the string of lights over the tree!), and then when the movie was over the boys got to help with the fun part: hanging the ornaments! I think our tree looks great and I'm mostly just proud that after a few years of such a hassle we finally figured our how to make the tree decorating experience more pleasant. Note for next year: don't let Max hold glass ornaments in each hand:)

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kathy said...

I love those three little ho-ho-ho's.